Premium 5-HTP 100 mg

Everpure Labs is a company that was built by Health conscious consumers for health conscious consumers.

In a clinical study, women who took 5-HTP lost 10.3 pounds over 12 weeks, compared to 2.2 pounds in the placebo group.

5-HTP ( 5-Hydroxytryptophan) is naturally produced in the seeds of Griffonia Simplicifolia, a West African shrub. 5-HTP Regulates serotonin levels in the brain and body, which is a vital naturally occurring chemical that:

  • ✔   Elevates your mood
  • ✔   Decreases emotional eating
  • ✔   Improves sleep patterns
  • ✔   Decreases stress levels

Premium 5-HTP is the purest and most potent serotonin boosting product available.

  • •   Containing 100% potency 5-HTP in easy to swallow vegetarian capsules
  • •   3x smaller than any other 5-HTP on the market.
  • •   Free of all gluten, milk, peanuts, shellfish, and soy.
  • •   Contain's ZERO additives, preservatives, GMOs, fillers, artificial additives, stearate's, silicon Dioxide, or titanium dioxide.

Our wonderful customers say Premium 5-HTP is great for:

  • ✔    Appetite Suppressant*
  • ✔    Decreased Anxiety*
  • ✔    Supporting Positive Mood*
  • ✔    Controlling Emotional Eating*
  • ✔    Maintaining Serotonin Levels*
  • ✔    Promoting Healthy Sleep*
  • ✔    Fibromyalgia*
  • ✔    Maintaining Mental and Emotional Wellbeing*

5-HTP 100mg

  • Features 5-HTP Natures most powerful mood enhancer and appetite suppressant
  • Complies with United States Pharmacopeia specifications for purity, potency, and structure
  • Formulated without the use of GMOs, additives, binders, artificial ingredients, preservatives, Stearates, Sulfates, Laurates, and Dioxides
  • Verified free of allergens by an independent, third-party lab
  • Verified Free of GMOs
  • 100 mg per vegetarian capsule / 120 capsules per bottle
  • Manufactured to strict cGMP standards in USA


  1. What is 5-HTP?

    5-HTP, also known as hydroxytryptophan, encourages the serotonin levels that can promote emotional well­being, appetite control and wake/sleep cycles. 5­HTP is derived from the Griffonia simplicifolia plan

  2. How to use 5-HTP?

    All you have to do is take 1 capsule 2­-3 times a day for desired results. A lot of our clients have reported feeling results in as less than 1­2 servings!

  3. What else does 5-HTP contain besides the active ingredients?

    Besides the active ingredients, 5-HTP contains only the vegetarian capsule, which is made from NON-GMO plant cellulose.

  4. Where is it made?

    Our 5-­HTP is proudly made in the USA!

  5. I noticed that your capsules are a lot smaller than the 5-HTP I am used to buying. Is this normal?

    Most other 5-HTP product have larger capsules because they contain different fillers, preservatives and they do not contains 100% potency 5-HTP. Because those products are not as pure and potent they need more of it to “equal” 100mg.

    We want to provide only the purest and most potent form of 5-HTP for our customers because their safety and great results are our top priorities.

    Everpure Labs is the FIRST company in the industry to use 100% potency 5-HTP which decreased the size of the capsule by 3x! This is a big deal if you have ever had trouble swallowing capsules.

  6. When is it best to take 5-HTP?

    Everyone is bio-individual so it will work best for everyone at different times, but a lot of our clients tell us that they enjoy taking 5-HTP with dinner in the evening for a great night of sleep and an empowered next day.

    It's best to test and see what works best for your body and mind.

  7. How long does it take to feel the effects?

    Some people feel the effects from the very first dose, while others take 2-3 weeks of consistent use to feel the wonderful calming effects.

  8. Can I take more than 1 capsule per day?

    Yes some of our clients take up to 3 per day (1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, and 1 in the evening.)

    It's best to test and see how much you need to feel optimal.

  9. Is it true I should stop taking 5-HTP after 12 weeks?

    A lot of our customers report that they cycle their 5-HTP use by taking it consistently for 12 week and then taking 2-4 weeks off before starting again. This is a good strategy to keep the effects working optimally.

  10. Does Age have an effect on results? I am in my 70's and would like to know if I will see results.

    Age is just a number, and all of our products are created safe, with all ages in mind. With that said it is always best to check with your primary care provider before starting a new supplement.

  11. Is it safe to take 5-HTP with beta-blockers, antidepressants, or other prescription medications?

    It is best to check with your primary care provider before starting any new supplement especially if you are already taking medication for any condition.

  12. I have heard that some 5-HTP contains a contaminant called Peak-X. Can you please let me know if your 5-HTP is free of this?

    Our 5-HTP is certified Peak-X Free. We test every batch for all contaminants.

  13. Is your 5-HTP vegetarian?

    Our Premium 5-HTP is vegan friendly and contained in Non GMO vegetarian capsules.