About Us

It all started out growing up in New York City before the big boom of information took over and REAL nutritional information was freely available to everyone with a Laptop and an interest in their health.

We ate all types of candy like ring pops, pixie sticks, lemon heads, and pop rocks….

We ate chips like cheese doodles, hot cheese popcorn, and salt and vinegar potato chips…

We also washed it down with all types of soft drinks like Pepsi, Coke, mountain dew, Snapple, and Gatorade…

Don’t forget about the Jamaican patties, Big macs, and fries…

Mmm Those were the days…

The days of non stop migraines, inflammation all over the body, monthly antibiotic prescriptions, hemorrhoids, strep throat, stomach aches and so many more sleepless nights.

As these problems got worse and worse, the prescriptions piled up on top of each other, and we realized that if we don’t help ourselves then no one will help us.

We decided enough was enough and the research began.

We are just like most of you…

Those weird and awesome people that you see at the food co-op reading all the labels for what seems like an hour per product to make sure the fine print doesn’t contain ingredients that we would hate to put in our bodies.

Over the years we have tried hundreds of different supplements for ourselves and our clients. Through the interactions with all these companies we realized that there is nothing we enjoyed more than amazing customer service and high quality supplements with no unnecessary additives.

We realized that those companies with 100% integrity in their products and amazing customer service were very few and very far in between and we decided that it was time to shake things up and provide people with what they were looking for.

Bringing our knowledge of supplements, different nutritional theories, and an understanding of the top notch customer service we want to provide.

We built…

A company by health conscious consumers for health conscious consumers.

The 4 main pillars that have built EverPure Labs to be an industry leader and to this day keeps us on our toes are:

    1. The Golden Rule: This philosophy outlines our customer driven focus to make sure that we treat each customer as we would want ourselves to be treated.
    1. 100% Integrity in product sourcing and manufacturing. We manufacture our products in facilities that are registered and follow the Certified Good Manufacturing Practice protocols.
    1. Commitment to growth and evolution. We don’t JUST WANT to improve our products, customer service and company… We are COMMITTED to it.
    1. Only providing the highest purity and potency products that are available.

That's it. Simple. Basic. And super effective.

These 4 pillars have helped us grow as a company, as a brand and as a catalyst to change peoples lives.

Thank you for choosing EverPure Labs as your supplement provider we are truly humbled and grateful for your love and support.


EverPure Labs Family