5 - HTP


Premium 5-HTP 100 mg

Everpure Labs is a company that was built by Health conscious consumers for health conscious consumers.

In a clinical study, women who took 5-HTP lost 10.3 pounds over 12 weeks, compared to 2.2 pounds in the placebo group.

5-HTP ( 5-Hydroxytryptophan) is naturally produced in the seeds of Griffonia Simplicifolia, a West African shrub. 5-HTP Regulates serotonin levels in the brain and body, which is a vital naturally occurring chemical that:

  • ✔   Elevates your mood
  • ✔   Decreases emotional eating
  • ✔   Improves sleep patterns
  • ✔   Decreases stress levels

Premium 5-HTP is the purest and most potent serotonin boosting product available.

  • •   Containing 100% potency 5-HTP in easy to swallow vegetarian capsules
  • •   3x smaller than any other 5-HTP on the market.
  • •   Free of all gluten, milk, peanuts, shellfish, and soy.
  • •   Contain's ZERO additives, preservatives, GMOs, fillers, artificial additives, stearate's, silicon Dioxide, or titanium dioxide.

Our wonderful customers say Premium 5-HTP is great for:

  • ✔    Appetite Suppressant*
  • ✔    Decreased Anxiety*
  • ✔    Supporting Positive Mood*
  • ✔    Controlling Emotional Eating*
  • ✔    Maintaining Serotonin Levels*
  • ✔    Promoting Healthy Sleep*
  • ✔    Fibromyalgia*
  • ✔    Maintaining Mental and Emotional Wellbeing*